Best Places to Travel in February

01 Nov 2016 Jules Verne
Madrid, Spain Pagodes Paya Shwe Inn Thein, Burma Tiger Mountain, Pokhara Lodge, Nepal Proboscis Monkey Sitting On A Tree In The Wild Green Rainforest, Borneo Island

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Although February is the shortest month of the year, sometimes it can feel like the longest, buried as it is in the heart of winter. However across the northern hemisphere the first signs of spring are starting to make themselves known, and this is a wonderful month for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, in all its many forms. Here are our top choices in places to travel in February.


February is a wonderful time of year to visit southern Europe as spring comes earlier and the countryside is covered with colourful wildflowers. Spain, in particular, is appealing at this time of year, with the coast of Andalucía seeing warm weather during the days and a refreshing crispness at night. The area is perfect for seeing wildflowers, and often there is no need to venture far from the beaten path to see spectacular displays of Paperwhite Narcissus. If you look closer you may be able see to see large clumps of the autumn mandrake growing on verges across the region, with large dark green leaves and up to 30 delicate purple flowers per plant.

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The high season in Burma runs from November to February, so the crowds will be starting to thin. Tabaung Luman, the full moon festival, is celebrated at the end of February. Festivities take place across Burma, but particularly in Yangon, the country’s largest city and a very spiritual place for many. The festival marks the beginning of harvest season, but also celebrates the enshrinement of special pieces of holy hair, which are believed to be in the Yangon’s Shwedagon pagoda.


Like its neighbour India, Nepal is a fantastic place to visit in February. Discover the rich history and culture of this landlocked country, which, unlike India, seems to have managed to escape much of the mass development which has swept the region. This is particularly evident in the vast swathes of rhododendrons which line the Himalayan mountainside burst into flower at this time of year. In the southern lowlands and central valleys of Nepal, the weather in February is clear and bright, perfect for taking in the beautiful landscapes, flaura and fauna.

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South Africa

February falls at the end of the busy tourist season, which peaks in December and January. Whilst these months feel busy and hectic, in February there is more space to take in the majesty of the natural landscapes. For those on safari, February offers wonderful opportunities to see the Big Five, and the plant life in the parks is particularly dazzling. Falling before the annual winter migration this is the perfect time to catch the amazing array of birdlife in South Africa.

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The majority of the rainy season will have passed in February, so the forests will be lush and vegetal. The calmer weather is unlikely to impede your explorations and the whole of the island will be open to you. This is a great time of year to take in Borneo’s unique flora and fauna, from the rich vegetation of the rainforest to the cheeky faces of the native orangutans. This year, Chinese New Year falls right at the end of January so the festivities are likely to spill into February!

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