Best Places to Travel in April

01 Jan 2017 Jules Verne
Chambord Castle, Loire Valley, France Hungarian Parliament Building At Winter Ice Drift On Danube River, Budapest, Hungary City of Guanajuato, Mexico Ad Deir Monastery, Petra, Jordan

Discover these destinations to visit in April

Easter falls in April this year, making it a prime time to explore a little further afield. With Spring taking the edge off the winter cold in the Northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to travel for those who are looking to discover something new. Whether you’re aiming for a new destination such as Jordan, or delving further into a favourite destination such as France, there’s plenty to explore.

The Netherlands

There is no bad time to visit the Netherlands, but the height of spring is arguably the best. By April the fields around the capital will be bursting with flowers, including the world-famous colours produced by iconic tulips. The stunning displays can be seen all across Holland but we suggest a trip to Keukenhoff, a beautiful garden which showcases the very best of Dutch blooms. For those who are less interested in flora and fauna there are also a myriad of other sites to see, including the impressive art found in Amsterdam’s Hague.


Easter is the perfect time to explore the historic sites mentioned in the Bible A tour of Jordan in April offers a unique opportunity to visit the place where Jesus was baptised, but also Mount Nebo and Umm Qais near Gadara, at a culturally significant time of year. However, whatever your faith, Jordan offers a rich diversity of historical sites, as well as a range of breathtaking natural phenomena. Discover its majestic peaks, vast valleys and the Dead Sea, protected by the surrounding mountains, where you will be able to enjoy relaxing mud treatments while floating in the famous saline waters.

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For those looking to soak up the sun in April, Mexico is an ideal choice. The beaches and coastal resorts are the perfect place to enjoy the warmth, and many may choose to take advantage of our extension options.  Even if you prefer to stay in the shade, April is still the perfect time to book your visit. Explore colonial influences on architecture and culture in the cities, or the spectacular vistas offered by the almost untouched countryside.

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Easter is celebrated across Hungary with a variety of festivals, feasts and parties, including a lamb festival held in the capital’s main square, where a smorgasbord of lamb dishes accompany traditional Church services and Masses. For those not looking to celebrate Easter there are a number of other festivals taking place, including the spring festival in early April, when the parks of Budapest come alive to diverse genres of music. At the end of the month there’s also the annual Pálinka Festival, celebrating the nation’s favourite alcoholic beverage.

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The jazz icon Louis Armstrong famously sang of Paris’ April beauty, but the whole country looks wonderful at this time of year. Spring radiates through France, bringing with it stunning displays of wild flowers, warmer weather, and buzzing life, with birds returning from their winter flights and young animals in the fields. Discover the natural beauty of the country’s diverse landscapes on a Jules Verne tour, or charter one of our river cruises for a new perspective on this oft-visited country. 

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