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Enjoying global cuisine at home is a great way to learn about and appreciate the world, with all of its diverse ingredients and exciting flavours. Feast your eyes and control your drooling as we reveal our pick of recipes from across the globe.

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John Torode's Sri Lankan Hoppers

01 Jan 2020 Jules Verne

Hoppers in their simplest form are bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. Cooked in small round pans, they tend to come out crispy round the edges, thicker at the bottom.

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Burmese Curry

Burmese Pork Curry

01 Nov 2019 Jules Verne

Classic flavours of Thailand abound in this fragrant and flavourful dish featuring peanuts, chicken, prawn and noodles.

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01 Jun 2019 Jules Verne

Enjoy this delicious combination of eggs, tomatoes, and spices which works just as well for brunch as it does dinner.

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