Trailblazing into inventive touring is certainly nothing new for Jules Verne. Founded in 1978 on the basis of one simple idea - to operate a train from London to Peking (Beijing) and thence to Hong Kong, at a time when the 'bamboo curtain' was still officially in place. For over 40 years Jules Verne has been the leader in cultural, escorted tours. Even our name was chosen to evoke a different era of travel, one that created events with ‘a sense of occasion’. Further innovative train journeys were to follow and in February of this year we celebrated our 40th Anniversary by repeating this original journey, travelling by rail from London through Europe and the heart of Russia, across the expanse of Siberia into Mongolia before arriving into Beijing and travelling to Hong Kong, with a group of 48 intrepid Jules Verne travellers.

For most, there is nothing more civilised or indeed romantic than rail travel. After all, what is more fun than when the journey is just as much an adventure, as thrilling and as important as the destination. What better way to admire beautiful landscapes, enjoy moments of calm reflection and experience the sophistication and nostalgia of a bygone era. Rail travel also provides a utilitarian function with modern high speed trains connecting cities, countries and continents and providing a more glamorous and adventurous alternative to flying.

So whether you chose to travel in style on board a lavishly fitted train, join the high-speed rail lines behind the ‘bamboo curtain’ or venture into the ‘Land of the Dragon’ there will be a rail journey to suit your needs. If you require a comfortable base from which to explore the ‘stans’ of Central Asia, the beauty of Africa or travel along the Original Trans-Siberian Express, we are delighted to be able to offer our most expansive selection of rail journeys yet, with something to please everyone.