Ukraine Tours

Ukraine is a unique destination for tours and cruises thanks to its long history and deeply rooted traditions. As you wind your way through this fascinating country, you will notice the juxtaposition between the carefully planned aesthetic nature of the cities, and the rambunctious, wild countryside. Here you can easily lose yourself in the sheer majesty of nature or in the winding streets of the cities. 

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is an excellent example of a beautiful Ukrainian city. Here you can discover a monastery dating back to the 10th century, amongst a heady mix of architecture in styles as diverse as Art Nouveau romance, 18th century Venetian classical lines, and blocky soviet structures. In many cities across the country, you will also find a mix of Orthodox Christian, Protestant and Catholic churches as well as Orthodox Judaism and Islamic religious buildings.

As you travel between cities, you will be immersed in the tangled raw beauty of the Ukrainian countryside. Explore the vast swathes of pine forests, the rolling hills of the Carpathians, and the rugged coastlines. Although the country is perhaps most famously associated with the destruction of Chernobyl, local flora and fauna flourishes, with incredible numbers of birds and mammals, as well as beautiful wildflowers. 

One of Ukraine’s best kept secrets is its delicious local cuisine. The richness of the local climate has led to a joyful riot of flavours that burst from every dish. Delicious borshch is a favourite soup, flavoured with fresh vegetables, garlic, onions and dill. Each locality has its own specific recipe playing with regional additions. Meat and fish dishes are common, and are often smoked with spices or dried to intensify the flavour. The fields of Ukraine are filled with grains and vines, producing enjoyable local wines and beers which will delight experts and occasional drinkers alike.   

As with all of the locations Jules Verne visits, what truly sets Ukraine apart is the abundance of unique cultural experiences available. Nestled against the Black Sea in the centre of Europe, few people realise the size of this country and the remarkable culture it is home to. Whether you choose to enjoy a music performance at the Opera House in Odessa, visit a seemingly unchanged fishing village in the Dnieper Delta, or watch a traditional Cossack horse show, you will be able to immerse yourself in this unparalleled country.