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Russia is epic – it’s the largest country in the world, spans nine time zones and borders 14 countries from two continents. Its cultural, artistic and historical heritage is equally as great, enticing and engaging with a wide variety of visitors. Wherever your passion lies, whether it’s in dance, politics, religion or almost anything else, this mammoth country has something for you – celebrated ballet, world-renowned museums and the ‘Venice of the North’ await you.

For architecture enthusiasts, it doesn’t come much greater than the creation of an entire city – the city of St. Petersburg. Peter the Great invited the best European engineers, shipbuilders, architects, craftsmen and merchants to Russia to transform marshland into a great European city of canals, cathedrals and palaces. Alternatively, you’ll find the open-air Museum of Architecture on Kizhi Island.

Although art can be found the length and breadth of Russia, Moscow would be an art-lover’s Mecca. Splendid museums include the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, which houses many master works, the Tretyakov Gallery with the greatest display of Russian art, from icons to Art Nouveau, and the Hermitage in St Petersburg, where you’ll find a magnificent collection of European art.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, on Russia’s quiet rivers, lakes and canals, you can marvel at a beauty that is hard to describe. Serene, peaceful and timeless silver birch and pine forests, sandy shores, calm flowing water and spectacular late sunsets.



Weather & Climate

Russia’s climate is hugely dependent on where in the country you find yourself.

When to go

Most visitors enjoy the warmer months of spring to autumn.

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