Tour the Italian Lakes

With an enduring allure formed after the last ice age, the Italian lakes offer every bit of the natural beauty and glamour Italy is so fondly known for. Our Lake Como tours and beyond will show you just what has attracted travellers to the region for centuries gone by.

From secluded villas overlooking blue waters, to exotic flora among sleepy cobblestone villages, many of the scenes along the way will be exactly what springs to mind when you think of Italy.

You can learn more about our Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, and Lake Como escorted tours below. Find information on the different tours available, when to go, and the experience of travelling with Jules Verne.

Where you'll visit on our Lake Como tours and beyond

The area you’ll explore is in the north and straddles the border of Switzerland. You may even have the chance to cross the border on a day trip to St. Moritz. But make no mistake, our tours of the lakes offer a classic Italian experience.

Join one of our Lake Como guided tours and discover what is perhaps the most exclusive and elegant lake of them all. You’ll enjoy relaxing cruises to 18th-century villas, hours spent among immaculate gardens, and picturesque lakeside towns aplenty.

Rich and talented gardeners have settled around the Italian lakes for centuries. On a trip to Lake Maggiore, you’ll wander across the graduated terraces of a 17th-century Baroque palace, while Lake Lugano boasts the renaissance Villa Cicogna Mozzoni. You’ll see sculptures, plants, and landscapes of quality and diversity found nowhere else.  

When is the best time of year to enjoy an escorted Italian lakes tour?

The northern Italian lakes have their own relatively mild microclimate, with the area’s many gardens at their beautiful best between April and June. Our various tours run for different durations throughout the year however, so it’s worth checking the departures information for your chosen trip to see when you could get away.

Why go on guided Italian lake tours with Jules Verne?

The Italian lakes offer enough reasons to visit on their own. That’s without adding our carefully curated tour experience to the mix – with expertly refined itineraries, hassle-free organisation, and experienced local guides to help you uncover more than first meets the eye. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years, after all.  

We specialise in escorted tours and our Italian lakes tours are designed for small groups of people who share the same passion for travel and discovery. Speak to one of our personal travel experts who can reveal their own experiences of Italy and the many mumust-seeocations in the Italian lake district.

Grand Hotel Menaggio, Italy

Grand Hotel on Lake Como

Follow in the footsteps of Flaubert and Tennyson, Julius Caesar and Queen Victoria, to enjoy the timeless elegance of Lake Como, where flower-filled gardens and pastel-painted villages punctuate the shore, set against the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps

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