Tour Tibet

Tibet is a deeply spiritual, culturally rich and overwhelmingly beautiful nation. Its untamed landscapes draw nature-lovers from all over the world, and those searching for themselves go looking in Tibet. Serenity, peace and purpose – faith has shaped the lives of Tibetans for centuries. Visitors are overwhelmed by religious buildings. But unlike in so many other countries, these places of worship and reflection aren’t reminders of an age gone by; the monasteries are still very much alive, functioning as they always have. As well as centres of religion, you will encounter many cultural gems during your journey through Tibet, including ancient royal architecture which has been very well preserved. Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is home to one of the most exquisite examples of such a building – the red and white Potala Palace. This imposing piece of history houses nearly 1,000 stately rooms, including living quarters, murals, chapels and tombs. And of course there is the iconic topography of Tibet. ‘Scenery’ doesn’t do the Himalayan mountains justice. They are more than a backdrop or setting. They are a sight to behold and have to be witnesses in person to be truly appreciated.

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