Papua New Guinea Tours

Papua New Guinea is a country of tremendous cultural and biological diversity, best known for its beaches and coral reefs for spectacular diving, the inland active volcanoes and hiking routes through dense rain forest as well as extensive wildlife and unique ecosystem. On a tour of Papua New Guinea travellers can expect to discover exotic creatures, from spectacular birds of paradise to tree-climbing kangaroos; birdwatchers will certainly be in there element with almost 700 bird species across the islands.

Home to traditional tribal villages, with over 800 languages and 600 islands it would be impossible to experience them all in one holiday to Papua New Guinea. Every ethnic group has its own unique artistic traditions, with captivating dance performances set to rousing music and a host of skilful handicrafts on display. On an escorted tour of Papua New Guinea you will feel as if you've slipped back in time to a bygone era where you will be embraced by the thriving local tribes and their many and splendid customs and traditions.