Discover Indochina

Indochina is as diverse as it is geographically compact, making it an excellent destination for a tour or cruise. Rugged mountains, geometric rice paddies, verdant forests, broad rivers, white beaches and crystalline seas all create the rich tapestry of Indochina’s natural beauty. Travelling through the region provides endlessly varying vistas, sure to get photographers itching to take the perfect shot.

The area has an equally diverse history: a military dictatorship in Burma, genocide in Cambodia, and a communist regime in Vietnam. Reaching further into the past, Indochina has many archaeological and architectural wonders. Ancient structures like Angkor Wat, the My Son ruins, and the myriad of temples found in Bagan, seem almost unchanged by the passing of time. By contrast, bustling modern cities like Saigon are bursting with action. Contemporary museums, artwork and culture jostle for attention. Between these extremes, serene colonial structures belie the turmoil of the periods in which they were built.

The cultures of the countries vary, filled with Chinese and Indian influences, as well as religious practices from traditional spirituality to Buddhism and Christianity. Stupas and temples speckle the countryside and in cities like Hanoi, you can find churches tucked away around corners.

For food-lovers, Indochina is a holy grail destination. Try your hand at cooking some of the region’s iconic dishes for yourself, or just sample as many as you can. Taste spring and summer rolls filled with fresh vegetables in Vietnam, or rich, flavourful Massaman curry served with fragrant jasmine rice in Thailand. Enjoy crunchy noodle salads, light seafood dishes and vibrant pickles – the choices are endless.



Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia

Exploring Vietnam’s greatest cities, north and south, this varied tour begins among the many temples of the capital, historic Hanoi; crosses into Cambodia for the world’s largest religious complex, Angkor; and returns to Ho Chi Minh City, the phoenix of old Saigon

More 8 nights from £1795


Mekong River, Vietnam

Treasures of Indochina

From the streets of Saigon to a sail on the Mekong Delta, from the temples of Angkor to the long-hidden town of Luang Prabang, from a cruise of Ha Long Bay to cultural history in Hanoi, this tour is a revealing treasure trove, gathered into just two weeks away

More 12 nights from £3075
Golden Triangle, Mekong River, Cambodia

The Original Mekong Cruise

An exotic cruise on the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake, this journey teams city sights in old Saigon and Phnom Penh, with rural riverbank towns, remote, romantic pagodas, rarely-visited villages, and the Siem Reap gateway to Angkor’s exquisite temple enclave

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Laos Mekong Explorer

Discover the hidden gems of Laos on this leisurely cruise to less-visited reaches of the Mekong River. The remarkable journey is a Jules Verne exclusive, sailing on a small ship of the Pandaw fleet, with all meals included, and all tours intriguing

More 14 nights from £5345


Rice Field And Ngodong River In Ninhbinh, Vietnam

Classical Tour of Vietnam

From busy cities to blissful scenery and beguiling Buddhist temples, this classic tour takes you from buzzing Ho Chi Minh City to Hue, Hoi An, the capital, Hanoi, and Ninh Binh; via cruises on the Mekong River and Ha Long Bay, and sampan sailing into karst rock caves

More 15 nights from £2625
Angkor Thom Gate Guardians Cambodia

Grand Tour of Indochina

Discover old Saigon, cruise on the Mekong River and mystical Ha Long Bay, see the temples in Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and ancient Angkor, and explore Laos home to luxuriant landscapes and intriguing cultural customs; and Cambodia encapsulates Indo-Chinese heritage in ancient Angkor

More 21 nights from £4125