Tour Australia

Huge and sparsely populated, Australia offers an incredible array of experiences to the discerning traveller. With landscapes as diverse as the barren stretches of the Red Centre and the lush woodlands of the Atherton Tablelands, there is much to explore.

Naturalists will be fascinated by the flora and fauna. Beautiful wildflowers sweep down the west coast, along the glittering Indian Ocean. The tropical paradise of the Whitsunday Islands offers verdant rainforests and glimpses of the Great Barrier Reef. The Gold Coast, with its sandy beaches and bustling cities, gives off a metropolitan vibe. Further inland, Uluru is home to one of the world’s most recognisable natural landmarks, Ayers Rock, which breaks up a deserted landscape.

Australia tours allow travellers to discover a culture that has survived for generations in one of the world’s most unforgiving environments. Encounter history in ancient Aboriginal cave paintings. Uncover a way of life that persists through to this day, as the original inhabitants of Australia live off the land as their ancestors have done through the ages.

Despite its scant population, Australia boasts several fascinating cities and towns which long to be explored, from sprawling urban Melbourne, to picturesque Cairns. There are amazing bars, restaurants, cafes and more to be discovered all over Australia, as well as fascinating museums and art galleries dotted from coast to coast.


Weather & Climate

Australia is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to those in Europe and North America.

When to go

Spring to summer (October to March): Warm or hot everywhere, tropical in the north, and warm to hot with mild nights in the south. This is the classic tourist season, with northern hemisphere visitors looking to escape winter temperatures and soak up some Antipodean sunshine, although Australia is essentially a year-round destination.



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