Tours to Sudan

The magical lands of ancient Nubia offer visitors a rich, cultural heritage to explore and warm, friendly people to meet. On a Sudan tour an intrepid traveller discovers a country full of temples and tombs, and more pyramids than Egypt.

Sudan is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations, with settlements dating back to 3000 BC. This vast country was once the land of the legendary Nubia – an Eastern Saharan nation and culture that rivalled ancient Egypt’s splendour and prosperity. Both Rameses and the Nubian rulers built a myriad of temples in Sudan.

One of the best and most mysterious places to learn the story of Sudan is the Kingdom of the Kush. Competing Pharaohs of Egypt and Emperors of Rome and Nubian rulers, known as the Black Pharaohs, left behind an array of historic sites dotted along the Nile.

Another fascinating site for amateur archaeologists is the ancient city of Meroe, which is home to the Royal Necropolis made up of narrow pyramids. Tours to Sudan give you the opportunity to wander the sands they sit on and discover more about the royal burial site beneath your feet.


Weather & Climate

Sandstorms blow across the Sahara from April to September. Summers are very hot throughout the country, whilst winters are cooler in the north.

When to go

The climate is less hot during November to March compared with other months.