Visit Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an isolated idyll located off the west coast of Africa. Unspoiled beaches, awe-inspiring cliffs, verdant mountainsides and arid inlands create an oasis that has nurtured a vibrant and inspiring culture. On this archipelago you will find all the makings of a perfect holiday experience, including sun, sea, captivating architecture and rich folk music.

Discover these ecologically diverse islands with Jules Verne on a specialist cruise. Explore the breathtaking scenery of Santo Antão, where houses cling to the peaks and coastal roads hug the sides of ravines. Wander the winding streets of São Vicente, where the capital city of Mindelo is lined with colonial architecture. Uncover the city’s impressive culture – many of Cape Verde’s most important writers, musicians and artists now live there.

If you’re travelling to Cape Verde to experience sandy beaches and crystalline waters, you’re in luck. Most of the islands have spectacular beaches but a visit to Sal will reveal endless stretches of sand to please even the pickiest beach lovers. There is also a variety of other activities on this remarkable island nation, from water sports to seeing tropical fish, dolphins and turtles in the surrounding waters.


Weather & Climate

Cape Verde experiences warm temperatures year-round. However, there is a rainy season from August to October when rainfall is unpredictable.

When to go

The best time to visit Cape Verde is later in the year when the temperatures are slightly cooler.