Season 2 Episode 1

04 Sep 2023 Jules Verne
Cairo, Egypt Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia Punta Faro, Mucura Island, Colombia, Beach Tiger Hill, Kangchenjunga Mountain, Darjeeling, India Taj Mahal, India Nagoya Castle, Japan Tokyo, Japan Douro River And Traditional Boats In Porto, Portugal Cathedral, Porto, Portugal

Episode 1 - Mille and the Middle East

Welcome to season 2 of Passepartout - People & Places! We are joined by Millie, Office & Culture Manager at Jules Verne, who has travelled to over 40 countries. She talks about growing up in the UAE after leaving a sleepy village in the UK, the impact travelling has had on her life from an early age and how she loves being a solo traveller. We also talk about Millie's time living in Egypt and being shocked at the modern and cosmopolitan side of Cairo.


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