Tour Turkmenistan

Venture off-the-beaten track with a Jules Verne tour in the beautiful ancient nation of Turkmenistan. Situated in Central Asia, this oft-forgotten country offers intrepid travellers the opportunity to explore its unique history, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures.

In bygone eras, Turkmenistan was an important stop on the Silk Road: an essential trade route that took goods from the Far East to Europe and back again. The flow of exotic goods and travellers brought riches and various cultures to the area, and now the architecture and surviving artefacts pay homage to its captivating past. Discover this historical phenomenon for yourself amongst the exhibits in the city museum of Nisa, or explore the Silk Road’s impact on the landscape in the crumbling walls of the once-magnificent city of Merv.

The contemporary culture of the country is equally as enthralling. Glimpse it in the riot of colours, sounds and smells found in the neighbourhood markets or tasted in the local delicacies. These delicious bites include soft manti dumplings filled with meat, onions or pumpkin, and thick, rich soups like shurpa. In many of the markets, you will see piles of glistening pies and dumplings heaped on vendor’s stands, waiting for travellers or taxi drivers to snatch them up on their way to work.

Itchan Kala, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Legends and Empires

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