Tour Madagascar

Exotic flora and fauna, numerous endemic species and dramatic landscapes have evolved over the centuries to create a distinctive and enchanting natural environment on the unique island of Madagascar. The world’s fourth largest island is home to no fewer than six different micro-climates and now is the time to travel to this hidden gem in the Indian Ocean before mass tourism discovers its natural treasures.

Madagascar’s natural environment has changed little over the centuries with deciduous forests, crystalline lakes, massive caverns and savannah grassland.

The Parc National d’Isalo has some of the country’s most unique and beautiful scenery, alternating flat grassy plains and sandstone ridges, occupied by ring-tailed lemurs and white Sifaka and the mountainous Ranomafana Park with its hot springs is renowned for bamboo lemurs, Milne-Edwards Sifaka and myriad endemic bird species. In contrast, the sparsely populated Eastern Highlands are dotted with rice, tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls and lush forest.

Madagascar The Lost World

An astonishing journey, through an almost lost world of epic landscapes and uniquely endemic wildlife, this tour explores the land of the lemurs in a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, an enthralling fortnight for naturalists, trekkers, and adventurers

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