Barge Cruising

If you like the idea of slow, immersive travel, a barge cruise on one of Europe’s canals could be a great alternative to coastal or river cruising. Intimate and ideal for solo travellers and couples, there is an opportunity to meet people whom you will have a lot in common with; as most passengers will be well-travelled and having an interest in food and wine!

Our French barge cruises are also perfect for 'non cruisers' as you get none of the motion sickness you might find on larger vessels and you are free to hop on or off the barge and or catch up at the next lock. 

Join us on a leisurely barge cruise along the Canal du Rhône on Péniche Provencale and explore of some of the lesser-known waterways of the Camargue area. Rewarding excursions and fine French food and wine are balanced by afternoons of gentle cruising in a sociable atmosphere with refreshments to hand.

For those with fine tastes, Péniche Champagne will be the perfect barge cruise for you, sailing along majestic Marne canal through charming towns, visiting the Champagne region and tasting Champagne every day! Alternatively, you can follow the ‘Great Canal Journey’ of Timothy West and Prunella Scales on Péniche Alsacienne, barging through the beautiful scenery of the Marne-Rhine Canal, sailing past fairy-tale castles and through wonderful forests, mountains and valleys.

River at Sunset, Strasbourg, France

Péniche Alsacienne

This ‘Great Canal Journey’ is a fabulous float on the Marne-Rhine canal, sailing through sylvan valleys and the Vosges Mountains, to picturesque villages, fairy-tale castles, chateau views, and Chagall glass, enroute from splendid Strasbourg to lovely little Lagarde

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Vineyards In The Champagne Region, France

Péniche Champagne

With a taste of Champagne every day of the tour, this joyous journey is an exclusive barge cruise, sailing along the majestic Marne Canal, visiting intriguing villages and exploring iconic towns, from the capital of the country to the ‘capital of Champagne’, Épernay

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Arles, Provence, France

Péniche Provençale

An unhurried antidote to the pace of modern life, this ‘no fly’ tour takes the train to Avignon, and cruises from Roman ruins in Arles to revelations on the Canal du Rhône à Sète, in medieval Aigues-Mortes, the Camargue wilderness, and Étang de Thau sea-lake

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Péniche Bourgogne

A stressless ‘no fly’ tour, this exclusive Péniche (barge) cruise is a dreamy drift through Burgundy’s bucolic beauty and historic towns, sailing from Dijon to Besançon, on the Petite-Sôane, Rhône-Rhine, and Doubs waterways, via celebrated sights and secret gems

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Douro River And Traditional Boats In Porto, Portugal

Royal Barge on the Douro

From baroque castles to beautiful bucolic villages, from hilltop medieval ruins to valleys cloaked in the vineyards of age-old wine estates, from mountain scenery to ocean shore, enjoy the ever-changing landscapes of this unique Royal Barge cruise on the Douro

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Medieval Cities Along the Seine

Sailing past Paris landmarks and between the bucolic banks of the Seine and Yonne rivers, this péniche (barge) cruise carries you back in time to medieval streets, artists’ landscapes, and the sumptuous royal châteaux of the 17th-century ‘Grand Siécle’

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