Best Places to Travel in January

01 Oct 2016 Jules Verne
Sunset River Bank On The Ganges, India Lake Titicaca, Peru Seven Pillars Of Wisdom, Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan Douro River And Traditional Boats In Porto, Portugal

Discover these destinations to visit in January

January is the perfect time to travel to the southern hemisphere for some much-needed winter sun, or to discover the culture and festivals on offer around the world at this time of year. With the busy Christmas period over, take a trip to explore more of the world and refresh your energy for the new year. Here are our favourite places to travel in January.



A perennial favourite here at Jules Verne, the mystery and majesty of India shines through at all times of year. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in India at the end of January, however, you’re in for a treat. The nation celebrates Republic Day on the 26th of January, when they honour the day on which the Constitution came into force in 1950. Republic Day is celebrated throughout India with a national holiday but peaks in Delhi with parades around Rashtrapati Bhavan, the beautifully-lit Presidential residence.

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With the monsoon season over in Thailand, the humidity drops and temperatures settle to a pleasant average. Take advantage of the cooler climes to make the most of Thailand’s many cultural delights, from museums to markets. If you’re looking to extend your stay beyond our escorted tour or cruise, January is the perfect month to try snorkelling and scuba diving in the crystalline coastal waters. Our extension options include a stay in Hua Hin in the Gulf of Siam which offers plentiful opportunities for swimming, fishing and underwater exploration.


South America

Of course, South America is a huge continent, so in terms of weather it’s hard to say when the best time is to visit. However, travelling in January means that you will have maximum exposure to the diverse flora and fauna this part of the world is known for. January also tends to be a quieter month for tourism, so you’ll have fewer crowds to navigate.

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If you’re looking for a trip closer to home, we recommend visiting Portugal. In Madeira, average temperatures hover around 20 degrees Celsius in January, perfect for sightseeing and even a quick dip in the pool or the sea if you’re feeling brave. The spectacular Christmas displays don’t get packed up until the 15th so you might catch the end of the festivities. The island’s stunning sub-tropical gardens offer a feast for the eyes, and its famous tipple makes a great nightcap after a long day exploring.

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January is a popular time to visit Jordan, as it provides a welcome break from the most intense heat of the region. January also sees the country-wide celebration of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, and the second holiest month after Ramadan. Locals fast and the distinctive calls to prayer can be heard from minarets. The 30th of January is also the birthday of the country’s monarch, and many jubilant events take place to celebrate. 

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