Books to Inspire Tours around Egypt

02 Dec 2020 Jules Verne
Guardian Sphinx Guarding The Tombs Of The Pharaohs, Giza, Egypt Kom Ombo Temple,  At Sunset On The Nile, Egypt Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, Egypt, Part Of The Theban Necropolis Kom Ombo Temple At Sunset On The Nile, Aswan, Egypt

Books that will inspire you to visit Egypt

Travellers have been attracted to Egypt by its magic and mystery for centuries. This country excites the child in us all. It brings to life everything that Hollywood has ever shown us – everything we’ve ever seen in a museum: the Pyramids, the Pharaohs and a history of biblical proportions. We have selected some of our favourite books which we hope will inspire you to visit Egypt to experience the wonders of its ancient world.

Epic tale and an insightful portrait of 1940’s Egypt. This classic Egyptian family drama takes you into the heart of the Old City.

Memories of Egypt, complete with mouth-watering recipes.

Downriver through Egypt’s Past and Present. A renowned Egyptologist tells his story of this great civilisation.

A celebration through history and culture of this exciting city.

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