Our  Great Journeys of the World will provide curious, discerning travellers the perfect combination of luxury and service enlivened with a spirit of adventure.


Inspired by our 45-year heritage, this inspiring range of Great Journeys luxury tours rekindle the intrepid spirit of the original Jules Verne adventures.

For centuries explorers have crossed far horizons in search of distant shores on epic journeys, but vast improvements in modern transport have made travel more straightforward, and at times the world can feel like a smaller place. But there is still so much to be discovered. Our unabating wanderlust continues to unearth some very special corners of the globe. Unique places that perfectly personify the ethos of our Great Journeys.

Our range of hand-crafted itineraries delve deeper into extraordinary destinations through meaningful experiences and authentic connections with the people, wildlife, cultural treasures, and natural wonders that all contribute to form this fabulous planet of ours.

Venture into the ancient heart of Japan’s Land of the Samurai, explore The Lost World of Madagascar, or embark on an intrepid journey inside the Kingdoms of Arabia. We invite you to join one of our small luxury groups on a Great Journey of discovery and see the world through our adventurous eyes.