Discover Suriname

Found on the north-eastern coast, Suriname is South America’s smallest country. Known for its nature reserves and protected parkland (13% of the country is now under official environmental protection) it is an ecotourism paradise. Away from the main town you will be welcomed into the wilderness – Suriname still uses river as connection links between small villages and rural towns and it is mainly covered in rainforest.

The capital, Paramaribo, is one of South America’s most diverse capitals. Colonial Dutch buildings line grassy squares, whilst  mosques, cathedrals and Hindu temples sit side by side.

The main attraction of Surinam is its tropical rainforest and wildlife that reside here. You can enjoy a boat tour and sport nesting leatherback turtle, or search for the Amazon river dolphins, monkeys and the elusive jaguar.


Weather & Climate

Suriname has a typically hot, sunny and moist tropical climate, with temperatures staying at roughly 30°C throughout the year.

When to go

The best time to visit Suriname is from February until mid-April and from mid-August to mid-November. This is the period with the lowest amount of rainfall.