Russian Capitals

This was a fantastic holiday and I would highly recommend it.

September 2018 - Karen Brooks Russia

This was a fantastic holiday and I would highly recommend it. My Mum and I went together but with single occupancy of rooms, and we learned so much about Russian people, the country's history and the culture. In St Petersburg we stayed at the Hotel Asteria (standard accommodation) which was in a lovely location overlooking the river. It was a wee bit basic but the staff were really helpful when my Mum was given a room where there was no space to get around the bed or have a bedside table. The breakfast was terrible though - basic doesn't have to mean bad, but this hotel was unable to provide cutlery, crockery, food and drink all at the same time! Our guide in St Petersburg was called Igor and he was a great character! Lots of local and national knowledge, good english and a good sense of humour. Unfortunately the coach drivers for the transfers didn't seem to think it was part of their job to load and unload the luggage so we were all trying to lift heavy baggage on and off. The train to Moscow was amazing and we loved it, but at Moscow Station it was a bit hair-raising going to the transfer bus. The hotel in Moscow, Park Inn Sadu, was really good (if you could understand the lifts!) and breakfast there was much better. The tour guide was friendly and welcoming but her English was more garbled than Igor's. She also wore the same clothes for three days which was a little off-putting, but we did learn a lot from her about communism and the revolution of the 90s and what it was like to live through it. The tour on day 1 was a bit odd as we ended up in a convent that was under renovation and then a graveyard which was interesting, but we really spent too long there. The metro tour was awesome, and Red Square was great. One thing we loved about this tour was that there was a fair amount of 'free time' and we could do exactly as we pleased. The balance between tour and free time was just right. Loved this holiday!


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