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The State Hermitage celebrates its 250th year

St. Petersburg marks a quarter millenium of magnificent European art with a new museum wing plus galas, symposiums and events

January 2015 • Jules Verne
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Burma - View from the Inside

"From Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, to Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, iconic artworks have not only influenced our culture, but also literally changed the way we see the world."

December 2014 • Debbie Heffernan, Senior Personal Travel Expert
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The FCO gives the Middle Nile the ‘all clear’

The FCO gives the Middle Nile the ‘all clear’ and VJV resumes the Long Cruise from Cairo to Luxor

December 2014 • Jules Verne
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The Azores - View from the Inside

"My recent 4-day trip to these nine alluring volcanic islands, has ensured they are firmly imprinted in my memory."

November 2014 • Bethany Lees, Former Operations Consultant
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Madeira - View from the Inside

"The lush gardens and beauty of Madeira is owed to the superb, year-round sub-tropical climate."

October 2014 • Thea Wall-Coomber, Product Manager
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Where can you see the Northern Lights?

"To behold the spectacular phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, is an unforgettable experience, so it is no surprise that Northern Lights holidays are becoming increasingly popular."

October 2014 • Jules Verne
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Top 5 things to do in Cuba

"Cuba’s exquisite coastline and beautiful bays have long enchanted visitors, with thousands of travellers flocking to Cuba every year to bask in its favourable climate and white sand beaches."

October 2014 • Jules Verne
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Tanzania - View from the Inside

"Saadani was a real surprise, a deserted Indian Ocean beach from where we saw lions on a game drive!"

September 2014 • David Deane, Head of Product
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Top 5 reasons to visit India

"India presents a beguiling assault on the senses; colourful, crowded and full of charm, its vibrant abundance of people and landscapes will never leave you indifferent."

September 2014 • Jules Verne
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Norway – View from the Inside

"Our trip started in Tromsø, a lively and beautiful city packed with culture and history."

August 2014 • Kristina Kolarikova, Former Sales Consultant
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The Panama Canal, a modern wonder

A mammoth work of engineering and considered one of the greatest modern wonders of the world, the Panama Canal celebrates its official centennial

August 2014 • Jules Verne
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Morocco - View from the Inside

"I was completely blown away by how lavish these riads are. Our rooms were individually decorated and full of traditional furniture which all adds to the charming character of the riads."

July 2014 • Thomas White, Former Sales Consultant
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India - View from the Inside

"If you’re willing to give all five of your senses a good workout you’ll be well rewarded with an unforgettable experience"

June 2014 • David Worley, Operations Team Leader
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