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What I did on my Holidays

A poem written by one of our clients who embarked on our Pandaw cruise 'From Bagan to Mandalay'

22 February 2016 • Trish Wilby
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Seychelles - View from the Inside

"Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Praslin, which has been associated to Eden for its profound beauty"

February 2016 • Camilla Gomes, Sales Consultant
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China - View from the Inside

"The sheer scale of the site is awe-inspiring, rows upon rows of hundreds of terracotta men all lined up in impeccable precision, each with a distinct face and features."

January 2016 • Tina Greenslade, Former Sales Consultant
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Southern India - View from the Inside

"By the time we reached Periyar it felt like we had arrived in another country, many mountain villages embracing nature and many plantations growing spices, rubber or tea."

November 2015 • Kyle McCandlish, Sales Consultant
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Indochina - View from the Inside

"We were guided through a floating village where we saw locals fishing and selling goods straight from their pontoon-like houses and children rowing home from their floating school"

October 2015 • Laura Faulkner, Online Marketing Assistant
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Sicily - View from the Inside

"A special treat in Palermo is the private visit to one if its oldest buildings, the Palazzo Conte Federico with the unique experience of a personal tour with a member of Count Federico’s family, who have lived in the stunning palace for centuries."

August 2015 • Marissa Mathew, Senior Personal Travel Expert
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Cuba's embassy re-opens in Washington, DC, after 54 years

Last week saw a historic moment as the Cuban flag was raised in a ceremony in Washington, DC, outside the same mansion which had served the role more than half a century after it was closed.

August 2015 • Jules Verne
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India - View from the Inside

"India is a melting pot of old traditions and even older religions."

June 2015 • Fallon De Souza, Former Sales Consultant
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Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma

Pioneer of early photography show opens at the Victoria & Albert Museum Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma, 1852-1860

June 2015 • Jules Verne
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Switzerland - View from the Inside

"Switzerland is best explored by trains which are very comfortable and really do run like clockwork"

May 2015 • Thomas Rast, Product Manager
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North Cyprus – View from the Inside

"Rich in history, North Cyprus is steeped in visual delight"

April 2015 • Thea Wall-Coomber, Product Manager
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Albania - View from the Inside

"Albania plays host to some amazing attractions, from staggering mountain landscapes and almost forgotten archaeological sites."

January 2015 • Fallon de Souza, Former Sales Consultant
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The State Hermitage celebrates its 250th year

St. Petersburg marks a quarter millenium of magnificent European art with a new museum wing plus galas, symposiums and events

January 2015 • Jules Verne
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