Unearth Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked nation bordered by Romania and Ukraine. A visit to this historic land offers the opportunity to see remote monasteries carved into limestone cliffs, rolling green hills and unique underground wine cellars.

This relatively unknown country was once part of the region of Moldavia, which was shaped by many invasions and occupations by nations such as Poland and Hungary, as well as the Turks and the Ottoman Empire. As such, there are a number of sites, museums, palaces, religious buildings and monuments that share Moldova’s story.

One of the most intriguing tales to tell is that of Transnistria – ‘the state that doesn’t exist’. This breakaway territory invites visitors to step into an historic land of communism with its Soviet-era monuments and murals, the many hammer and sickle emblems on display, and Lenin statue that guards the House of the Soviets.

Grape growing and winemaking have been the backbone of the agricultural sector in Moldova for thousands of years and the wine industry holds a special place in local culture. As such, wine tours feature greatly in our itineraries, with visits including the Cricova wine cellar, a unique underground complex and the second largest wine cellar in Moldova (after Milestii Mici, which is also the largest in the world).



Weather & Climate

Very mild and pleasant.

When to go

Temperate with warm summers 20 to 23°C.