We are delighted to have partnered with COVID-19 Testing Services, offering solutions for all your COVID-19 testing needs.


Express Testing for in-person testing & Qured or Randox for home testing



ExpressTest COVID-19 In-Person Testing

ExpressTest Customer Support
0203 384 0000


ExpressTest offer both in-person pre-departure, Fit to Fly and post arrival Day 2 & Day 8 and Test to Release Covid screening solutions.

Their fast and accurate gold standard PCR Fit to Fly screening is available from just £57 when using our promo-code at their drive-thru and in-terminal locations at Heathrow Airport, as well as a network of regional testing centres right across the UK.

ExpressTest results are emailed with a Fit to Fly certificate by 10pm the day after the test, with bookings made online via the website link.

ExpressTest is also an official ‘Test to Release’ provider, offering passengers arriving in England the option to reduce their required quarantine period from 10 to 5 days.

Follow this link to book your test

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This will give a discount on any product booked on the ExpressTest website, all locations. No exclusions.

For any questions you may have, and to book your in person test, please go to


Qured COVID-19 Home Testing Kits

Qured Customer Support


With Qured you can access quick and convenient Covid-19 testing that's personalised to you. Recommended by Global airlines and highly rated by thousands, with fast results and free shipping.

From Fit to Fly to Return to the UK testing, Qured have all the tests you need in one place.

Follow this link to book your test

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This will give a 10% discount on any product booked on the Qured website, no exclusions.

For any questions you may have please go to


Randox Health COVID-19 Antigen Testing Kits

Randox COVID Customer Support
UK & Ireland 0800 2545 201
International +44 28 9562 2011


Randox Health offer at home Covid-19 tests. Randox's COVID-19 Testing Services are operational 7 days a week, offering solutions for all your COVID-19 testing needs. Below you will find exclusive discount code to order your Antigen Test. 

This discount is valid, no matter if you are buying a single kit, travel pack or more.

  • Coupon Code VJVRANDOX

Specific testing requirements from international destinations may alter depending upon jurisdiction. Please check the requirements for your UK arrival jurisdiction before ordering test kits. A current guide to requirements can be found here: Randox COVID-19 Home Kits

For any questions you may have, please see Randox Health FAQ

Many countries that are open to UK visitors have specific measures in place that include testing before you travel, as well as testing upon return to the UK. Meeting the requirements to travel in accordance with government guidelines is the individual’s responsibility. Entry requirements can change at any time, so we recommend regularly checking the FCDO website for the most up-to-date information.