Limited Edition

An exceptional collection of small group, inspirational journeys and extraordinary experiences

We are passionate about travel and we invite you to join us in exploring the world and learning of its wonders, with incredible experiences to destinations worldwide. Each journey is a limited edition – designed to match the Jules Verne traveller’s interests and tastes with a real commitment to quality and authenticity, some to far -flung destinations and some much closer to home.

Our expanded portfolio starts closer to home and includes expedition cruising in British waters, a Highlands and Islands small group fling and a Literary Tale to Ireland. Travel further afield and be bowled over by Borobudur, watch the sun rise over Indonesia’s Mt Bromo and meet the Komodo Dragons.

Experience the wildlife of Uganda, trek chimps in Kibale and come face to face with the majestic great apes of Bwindi.

Why not explore the treasures of Japan, stay in a traditional Ryokan and discover many fine gardens. Or enjoy the Palatial Splendours of India, experiencing sunset from a palace terrace in Udaipur and staying at the ‘Viceroy’s House’ and the Maharaja’s Palace.

If rail travel is your thing then why not join our team of experts as we travel across Europe on a remembrance journey, timed to commemorate the outbreak of World War II. Discover the vast distances and sheer natural beauty of Namibia by private train or take a private train from St. Petersburg to Murmansk.

Explore the ancient world of Gansu along the Hexi Corridor with its incredible desert regions on the ancient Silk Road, or Forbidden Territories across the Roof of the World to the Tibetan Plateau.

Step into the New World on an antipodean adventure, experience the beauty of the Autumn Colours of New England and be amazed by the spectacular scenery of America’s Canyon Lands.

Experience the immense beauty of the untamed wildernesses that is the Arctic. For the more adventurous, celebrate Naadam with the Nomadic People of Mongolia or follow in the footsteps of Simon Reeve and embark on an awesome adventure amongst the volcanoes of Kamchatka.

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