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Closer to Home

Explore the UK & Ireland with our new brochure

When we travel we magnify our experience by sampling local cuisine, embracing traditional music and entertainment and  visiting extraordinary Heritage sites, there is now the opportunity for new journeys with incredible treasures waiting to be discovered in our backyards, travelling closer to home but far from the expected.

Explore England’s least travelled yet stunningly beautiful, rolling landscapes and crumbling castles of Northumberland, experience the beauty and wonder of the Lake District that has so impacted our literary heritage. Revel in the glorious and historic steam-hauled journeys that are just as important as their destination and the hidden treasures of Devon and Cornwall that feel, quite often tropical, yet so delightedly off the beaten track. Discover the East of England with its offerings of heritage and culture, a perfect country retreat year round, and visit ‘God’s Own Country’ filled with wonderful landscapes, history and wildlife, and a very proud people. Our small groups start from just 5 travellers, so there has never been a better time to travel with family and friends in a private group.

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