40th Anniversary

Special Edition Tours Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

In celebration of our 40th anniversary we have created a comprehensive collection of travel arrangements including some all-time favourites and places we do not normally visit.

Founded in 1978, Jules Verne has a wealth of experience at your disposal. Like you, we are passionate about travelling to some of our planet’s most fascinating and beautiful destinations with the desire for a genuine experience. In celebration of our anniversary we have created a comprehensive selection of travel arrangements. Mindful of our name-sake’s fictional creation, this selection is comprised of some of our all-time favourites and added to these, places that we do not normally visit.

Each itinerary is very special in its own right, featuring unique and exclusive experiences to amaze and surprise, with undiscovered treasures and encounters not accessible to regular travellers. In featuring just one departure for each itinerary we have chosen the optimum period of travel. We have created a range of itineraries that take you around the world, granted not in 80 days, rather we have compiled a collection of vastly more comfortable adventures, all the while exploring the four corners of the planet.

Please note that prices are correct at the time of publication and may increase due to currency fluctuations. The price we confirm at the time of booking is the price we guarantee.