Norway – View from the Inside

"Our trip started in Tromsø, a lively and beautiful city packed with culture and history."

August 2014 • Jules Verne

Norway – View from the Inside

It’s April, and officially spring in Europe but my suitcase is packed with winter clothes, thermals, a scarf, hat and gloves, thick socks and my warmest winter boots; I’m heading to the North of Norway…

Our trip started in Tromsø, a lively and beautiful city packed with culture and history. We were welcomed by snow-covered peaks surrounding ‘The Arctic capital’. It is a small, friendly town with pretty wooden houses and churches. A half-an-hour drive from the city took us to the Wilderness Centre where you can experience a husky adventure; the huskies are harnessed to your sledge, eagerly waiting to transport you across the frozen landscape.

On arrival we were given warm clothes and gloves, we took a seat in the sledge and covered ourselves with blankets to keep warm. The weather was not in our favour, it was snowing heavily but the huskies did not seem too bothered by this, as soon as our sledge rider Christine gave the huskies an order, we were speeding through the snow covered land. After the ride we warmed up with a tea and a cake and had a chat with our host about what it entails to run the centre and how the huskies are being trained and looked after.

After our exciting husky adventure we returned to Tromsø to embark on a Hurtigruten vessel to cruise along the beautiful Norwegian coastline.

During the voyage, for many of us the highlight was the Northern lights. Just after midnight, the night before crossing the Arctic circle, an announcement from our captain brought us all out from the warmth of our cosy cabins to witness the amazing natural phenomena, dancing shapes and changing colours in the night sky left us speechless.

The service on board the Hurtigruten cruise was great, staff are friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The ships still serve as ferries and carry cargo, but you have all the facilities that you would need should you decide to stay on board and cruise the Norwegian waters. During the day you can unwind on the observation deck and take in Norway’s breathtaking scenery, read a book or go ashore while stopping at one of the villages. The evenings are relaxed, spent over a drink in a bar. With great food on board, much of it sourced locally, you are spoilt for choice.

If you need a short break then try Norway and bring back home some wonderful pictures of scenery while cruising, take part in some excitingly ‘chilling’ winter excursions or if you are lucky you will witness the wonderful Northern Lights.”

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