Our Favourite Island Getaways

Did you know that it is believed that there are over 100,000 islands in the world?

May 2020 • Jules Verne

Our Favourite Island Getaways

We've picked some of our favourite islands to visit around the globe, each with individual characteristics, whether that's ancient ruins, endangered species or spectacular local cuisine.


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it is divided into two (right through the capital), so you can gain two different perspectives on Cyprus’ history from both sides of the island. The self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean’s forgotten corners and is still largely untouched, making it the ideal destination for the discerning traveller looking for something off-the-beaten-track. 

- Classic Kyrenia


For those wanting to experience the easy pace of island life, Greece is perfect. You can sit back and soak up the picturesque scenes of largely uninhabited Mediterranean landscapes peppered with dazzling white houses, twisting, cobbled alleyways, blue-domed churches, hilltop windmills, and volcanic cliffs above a black sandy beach. Greece is also wrapped in legend, and the country is veritably scattered with wonderful ancient ruins waiting to be discovered.

- Island of Rhodes

- Myths & Minoans


Ireland is a land full of history and folklore that is as beguiling and enchanting as it is beautiful. From the celebrated Causeway Coast in the North to the dramatic scenery of County Kerry in the South, Ireland is proof positive that you don't have to travel far from home to find some gems.

- Majestic Castles of the Emerald Isle


Exotic flora and fauna, numerous endemic species and dramatic landscapes have evolved over the centuries to create a distinctive and enchanting natural environment on the unique island of Madagascar. The world’s fourth-largest island is home to no fewer than six different micro-climates and is a nature lover’s paradise unlike anywhere else on earth. 

- Madagascar The Lost World

Sri Lanka

With sandy, palm-fringed beaches, jewelled cultural treasures and magical chance encounters with elephants all on offer, Sri Lanka is a magical paradise. The island also offers tremendous variety in terms of flora, fauna and topography. The mix of Chinese, Portuguese and Indian influences is evident in this luscious country; travellers can wander around colonial palaces, Buddhist temples, shrines and mysterious ancient sites dating back over 2,000 years.

- Secret Sri Lanka

- Grand Tour of Sri Lanka

- Wild Sri Lanka


This relatively small and vastly unpopulated land is perfect for intrepid travellers searching for a unique experience. Close to the Arctic Circle, the landscape is wild, rugged and colourful, with black lava, red sulphur and green valleys, rivers and waterfalls with a coastline richly indented with fjords and bays. Keen photographers will be in their element! From its otherworldly geologic wonders to interesting arctic wildlife encounters, Iceland does not disappoint.

- ‘Ice’ Land of the Northern Lights

- Ice & Lights

- Journey to the Centre of the Earth


Equidistant between Spain and the Holy Land, Malta is an archipelago of seven islands of which three - Malta Island, Gozo and Comino - are inhabited. Malta is a popular, picture-postcard of a typical holiday destination, with its stunning sands, tempting waters and warm climate. Time here will reveal an extravagant architectural legacy, beautiful Baroque churches, an impressive food scene and agricultural traditions.

- Heritage of Malta


Step off from Portugal’s mainland and opt for a trip to Madeira, the island of eternal spring; or island-hop on the exotic Azores.

Boasting contrasting landscapes, an abundance of flora and fauna, a temperate climate and an absorbing history, Madeira is ideal for all explorers. Spend your time visiting charming valleys, quaint villages and tropical gardens – the perfect relaxing break.

Alternatively, the nine volcanic islands of The Azores will captivate the romantic traveller with their intriguing legends and stunning natural beauty. Discover peaceful lagoons, soaring cliffs, undulating countryside, secluded coves and tempting thermal waters.

- Slice of Madeira

- The Garden Isle of Madeira

- Aspects of the Azores


Although it is situated just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, visiting Cuba is like dipping into five centuries of living history. The island seems to have been frozen in time, the manifestations of which are captured in its colonial architecture and ubiquitous presence of the Cuban cigar, salsa music, the old American Buicks, fine rum and the legend of Hemingway. Cuba is a place where art, music and opportunities to interact with its fascinating people are found at every turn. 

- Hemingway’s Cuba

- The Best of Cuba

- The Revolutionary Road


The island of Borneo is split between Malaysia in the north and Indonesia in the south, with Brunei nestled in between. It is home to some of the oldest rainforests in the world, many of which have been incorporated into national parks. They create dramatic backdrops for the island’s pristine beaches and shelter active volcanoes, remote tribes and a wide variety of wildlife, including the orangutan. 

- Wild Borneo


Italy’s islands offer azure seas, craggy coastline and scenic views. Sicily and Sardinia are both rich in history, with monasteries, castles and splendid examples of ancient civilisations still visible today.

Sicily sits right off the bottom of the Italian mainland and is Italy’s largest island. Home to stunning beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient ruins and prehistoric caves, it is also believed by locals to produce the best food in Italy.

Sardinia is an amazing mountainous island and the second-largest in Europe, with breathtaking views around every corner. The island has a rich cultural history and there are Phoenician and Roman ruins to explore. You'll also discover magical woodland, white-sand beaches and lush gorges, as well as incredible food.

- Treasures of Sicily

- Sea and Sardinia

- Treasures & Secrets of Sicily

Papua New Guinea

Home to traditional tribal villages, with over 800 languages and 600 islands, Papua New Guinea is a truly unique destination, which is still relatively undiscovered. It is a country of tremendous cultural and biological diversity, best known for its beaches and coral reefs for spectacular diving, the inland active volcanoes and hiking routes through dense rain forest as well as extensive wildlife and unique ecosystem.  

- A Million Journeys