People are avoiding close contact with others in an attempt to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus; but how do you stay fit and healthy while social distancing or self-isolating?

Try taking part in online games, like chess or bridge, or transform your lounge into a yoga space and stretch it out by joining an online yoga class. You could join an online book group, or dedicate your new-found time to music and learn an instrument that youve always wanted to play. You can easily learn a new language in just a few weeks, ready for your next trip away; with a ton of apps and websites that give you language lessons for free, youve truly run out of excuses not to - we recommend Duolingo, it’s a free mobile app or website where you can learn 30+ languages online with bite-sized lessons. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Put your brain to the test and do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle and see how far you can get.

When you can’t get outside, why not switch from workouts to work-ins?! Try an indoor exercise regime which are all achievable without equipment. Why not try chair tricep dips, table top press ups, living room wall sits or milk bottle Russian twists?!