Grand Tour of India with VJV & Vikram Rathore

A poem written by one of our clients, inspired by our 'Grand Tour of India'.

2 May 2016 • Sue Grant

Our holiday guide was Vikram the Great,
Son of an Emperor, or was it a Saint?

With a raise of one eyebrow to someone he knew
He squeezed us through airports, dodging the queue.

At Temple or Palace, Mosque or Great Hall,
Other guides worshipped him, he knew them all.

Of Gods and Goddesses he knew every plot,
Of Vishnu and Shiva, in fact the whole lot!

Through jostling crowds we could see his red shirt
As he marched through the tuc-tucs, the smells and the dirt.

His sparkling eyes and his beguiling smiles
Entranced all we met as we travelled the miles.

His father-like care for us made us feel good,
He sorted our needs for us best as he could.

At the end of our trip, when all’s said and done,
Of VJV guides he is Numero One!