Easter around the World

Easter Sunday lunch calls for a celebration!

April 2020 • Jules Verne

Easter around the World

Easter brings with it some of our favourite things: warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a time for new beginnings. This year, whilst we have been unable to travel the world, we wanted to know how some of our partners have spent this holiday and share some of their stories and traditions with you.


Penny from Robin Pope Safaris spent the day baking hot cross buns with Benji and Charlie while Rob and Emily were out on safari in South Luangwa with their family. 


Roy Grant and Mauro Sannipola, who together host our 'Secret Italy' tour, enjoying a Colomba di Pasque at Roy's home in Assisi.


"May the joy of Easter bring peace and love to this world!! Happy Easter to you all." - May Htoo


"Greetings from India! We wish our clients and business partner happiness and with this special occasion we shall overcome the current crisis. Wish you Happy Easter 2020." - Suvra Jana

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"This year by coincidence, Easter has coincided with Cambodian New Year so all of our team off all faiths are celebrating this week. Although celebrations are more relaxed and home-based than they would normally be. Our general manager for Cambodia, Virginie Kury decided to mark Easter Sunday this year by decorating some eggs at home." - Alex Meldrum


Carlos is one of our guides in Namibia and has put together a video of his Easter celebrations with his family.

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Victoria Falls

"My family pictures watching the Falls from a distance. Watching nature is our favorite way of spending Easter weekend." - Jean Mayumbelo



"Orthodox Easter falls on 19th of April this year. Easter is one of the most important Orthodox holidays. Easter is always celebrated on Sunday and under normal conditions, people go to church on Saturday night to light the candle and bring the Resurrection light into their homes. On their way back to their homes, people would share the holy candle fire with others. The most commonly known and widespread Easter tradition in Romania is painting eggs, but not everybody can do this, so usually people only colour eggs in different colours, red being the popular one for Easter eggs. The family gathers together for Easter lunch and then there is the tradition of cracking Easter eggs. The traditional dishes are usually based on lamb meat. Romanians also bake a cake with cheese, called "Pasca". The Romanian cake called “cozonac” is also baked for this holiday (and for other holidays as well). A loaf of cozonac and a few red eggs are usually the alms gift, a traditional give away which is believed to feed the souls of those who have died." - Corina 


"Easter without the whole family gathered around the table, without hugs, kisses and sharing food? Hard to imagine in Ecuador, where both family and Catholic traditions are deeply rooted in society. This year, however, Easter had to be celebrated rather differently than usual. The excursion to church was replaced in most households by watching a live-stream of the Holy Easter Mass and the family had to be brought together via Zoom or other digital tools. One thing however couldn't change - of course. The smell of Fanesca, Ecuador's number one Easter dish continued to pervade all households and to many of our friends, who have to spend isolation alone, we shared the recipe and they made it the first time by themselves." - Alexandra Molina

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"In Portugal, Easter is a season of traditions. Religious traditions, family traditions, table traditions. This year we will follow them at home by ourselves. But next year we want to invite you all to join us with a smile and open arms so that all together we can celebrate Easter in Portugal like a big family."António


"Easter holiday is an important period in my Christian life as we celebrate the risen Christ who conquered death. However, this Easter was a unique one, since I was indoors unlike the other holidays that I have always been outdoors with my family. Together we are strong. I look forward to welcoming our clients back to East Africa. Karibuni - welcome." - Ruth Githaiga

"Wishing you and your family a happy Easter Holiday! It is certainly a strange Easter Holiday for everyone having celebrated it in the house together with our loved ones and streaming the church service Our hope is to remain safe and healthy from this COVID19 Pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives around the world.  It’s our hope that you too made the most of this quieter period in our lives...we believe the next holiday will be great!" - Christine Mora


Easter is widely celebrated all across Russia, being the third most celebrated holidays after New Year and personal birthdays. On Holy Saturday they consecrate eggs they painted on Holy Thursday and Easter cakes they baked. The night before Easter Day all main churches have processions and all-night vigils.

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Easter is probably the most dear among the Greek festivals. In Greece, Easter is considered a family gathering opportunity and it is celebrated as such with many friends and neighbors too!!

Ships in ports all over Greece sound their horns. Local customs, marching bands, the Epitaphs that the parish women spend all night decorating on Holy Thursday, the solemn Good Friday processions, the Ascension ceremony on Easter Eve with its candles and fireworks, the services in churches, monasteries and chapels will entrance and uplift you. A fantastic time to be in Greece, Easter is best enjoyed in the countryside, in the villages and small towns where old traditions keep strong and communities come together to enjoy the springtime weather and celebrate the most important Great Feast of the Orthodox tradition. The religious ceremonies are moving and a sight to behold and the ensuing feasting and celebrations are bound to stay with you forever.

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"Celebrating Easter with my wife and son and hoping that everyone will come out of this well and with minimum impact on our loved ones" - Simos Bakas


"As the majority of Lithuanians are Catholics, Easter is widely celebrated. The celebration starts from the morning. The Catholic families go to church services first and just after it, all the family members gather together to eat festive breakfast. This year we have different Easter with quarantine and without the possibility to visit our families. The mandatory dish is eggs. Before eating it, everybody plays the cheerful egg tapping game. Each person chooses a hard-boiled egg and taps the tip of their egg over their opponent’s. Unbroken eggs, continue the game, till the last “healthy” egg remains. One more playful tradition is eggs rolling. Boiled and painted eggs are taken into competition. Eggs roll down the wooden chute in order to hit the opponent’s egg. Once the egg is hit, the holder can take the “tapped” egg. The person whose egg hits the most of the other eggs is the winner of the contest." - Vaida VilutienÄ—

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan recipes are often quite indulgent, one is sure to find inspiration in the traditional dishes that grace Easter tables in Sri Lanka. One such dish is the 'Spicy Black Pork Curry', a recipe featuring different flavourings and spices, a delicious blend of succulent pork cubes mixed with an assortment of local herbs and spices which gives the dish its distinct flavour making it hard to resist. From our home to yours, here's to wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

South Africa

Best wishes and Happy Easter from Ian and Querida at Rovos Rail.

Marielle and her family enjoying Easter Sunday lunch in the sunshine!


In Guyana, they have the unique tradition of flying handmade kites for Easter.

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Our French agent Michel was making sure to keep his chocolate bunnies safe over Easter!


Easter is the most important religious holiday in Georgia. There are traditions and customs without which Easter could not be celebrated by any Georgian family. With red-colored eggs, special meals, and desserts prepared during the festive days, Georgians love celebrating Easter.

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Get ready to have fun – Bulgarians love this holiday probably more than they love Christmas, and it’s a national pride together with Martenitsa and Bulgarian alphabet, from painting the eggs, eating delicious food, Easter salad, and eggs battles on Holy Sunday!

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Palm Sunday announces the beginning of the holy week. Every year families bring colourful bundles to church for blessing. Normally you would buy bundles made from wood shavings of different colors at a local market, though one can also make them at home with the fresh greenery growing on the back yard. The week leading to Easter is reserved for grocery shopping, baking potica and making sure the house is neat and clean.

Saturday before Easter is when the food prepared through the week is taken to the church for blessing. The Easter baskets includes potica - a traditional Slovenian pastry, pirhi - coloured hard-boiled eggs, cooked ham, horse radish, bread, oranges, and chicken, egg or bunny shaped chocolates. The time after the blessing of the food makes it a perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Easter Sunday is the day for close family that gathers together after the church service. The table is full of delicacies.

In Slovenia, Easter is extended to Monday when you visit your extended family and friends.


"Pisanice (from the Croatian word for "colored") are brightly painted eggs, decorated in the different styles of the regions. The most common phrase put on pisanice is "Sretan Uskrs" or "Happy Easter." Other decorations include doves, crosses, flowers, and wishes for health and happiness. Simply colored and decorated hard-cooked eggs remain on the dinner table all day for family and guests to enjoy before the main meal is served. They are also used in a game known as kockanje or tucanje. Opponents knock their eggs into each other to see whose egg comes out the winner (meaning unbroken). The more elaborately decorated pisanice are exchanged with friends and family." - Nevenka 



Our Easter tradition is to have a roasted leg of lamb with sauce Bearnaise, baked potatoes and salat. This Easter the Icelandic nation was encouraged to celebrate Easter at home and to explore only the indoors because of COVID19.

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Danny, one of our tour managers in Spain, tended to his garden and "huerto" this Easter!