Best travel accessories for your next group tour

Whether you are an experienced traveller, or heading off on your first group tour, having the right accessories will help to make the trip more enjoyable. 

April 2020 • Jules Verne

Best travel accessories for your next group tour

Portable Luggage Scale

A portable luggage scale can save you from a lot of airport headache. There are many different types of scales available depending on whether you want it to be digital or manual, or to have additional features such as a torch or tape measure. 

Packing Cubes

Even if you think you are the savviest packer, packing cubes are perfect for making the most of the space available in your suitcase. They are useful for organising your items, making finding things much easier, and it means you can sort through your clothing before arriving home and tackling the laundry.   

Neck Travel Pillow

Neck pillows are essential when embarking on a long-haul flight or long car journey. They help to maximise your comfort whilst in your seat and provide both head and neck support. There are a huge number of different type of pillows available, however, one which has received great reviews is the Evolution S3 Travel Pillow. Unlike other neck pillows, the award-winning Cabeau Evolution S3 travel pillow is designed with premium memory foam, and the innovative seat strap system eliminates head drop and neck strain. 

Sleep Mask

Eye masks don’t just help you to nod off, they also improve the quality of your sleep. The complete darkness boosts your body’s melatonin level which helps you to doze off faster. It is important to find one that fits your face shape and is comfortable to wear, and you should also consider other features such as the material used.   

Noise-cancelling Earphones

Travelling can be extremely noisy. Whether it is the engines on planes or buses or the hustle and bustle around you, the sounds around you can make it hard to get to sleep or relax. Bose QuietComfort 20 pocket-sized noise-cancelling earphones are a great solution and are much smaller than most alternatives.

Collapsible Water bottle

A flexible bottle collapses naturally as you drink the contents. If a bottle is collapsible then it's easier to pack and fit into tight spaces - ideal for putting in your backpack and re-filling once you have passed through airport security. It also helps save the environment! 

Universal Travel Adapter 

Universal travel adapters are the way to go. By having an adapter that works in all plug sockets worldwide, there is no longer the need to bring multiple adapters while travelling in other countries.   

Secret Pocket Infinity Scarf

To help keep your valuables safe, an infinity scarf which comes with a zipper storage pocket built in is a great option. This hidden compartment allows you to keep your important belongings close to you, such as keys, your wallet and passport. Caditex has lots of patterns to choose from.


Travel Door Alarm

Bringing a portable alarm will help to give you a little peace of mind when travelling in a new location. Many devices work by hanging the alarm on the inside door handle by the alarm's cord and slipping the activation tips into the gap where the door shuts. The alarm will be triggered when the door is opened slightly. 

Clip-on Mobile Phone Lens

For those wanting to take impressive photos whilst abroad, but not wanting to take an expensive digital camera on the group tour, then a clip-on mobile phone lens is the perfect solution. Depending on the style of photographs you are aiming for, these lenses can add greater magnification, wider angles, macro capabilities and more. 

Rechargeable Book Light

A book light is a simple item but is a game-changer for those who plan to bring several books on their trip. ‘LuminoLite – Rechargeable LED’ book light has received great reviews. It offers two light settings and the lightweight, flexible neck makes it easy to pack away.