Best Places to Travel in December

"December can be a hectic month, leaving you longing for a break away from the holiday madness."

September 2016 • Jules Verne

Best Places to Travel in December

With Christmas looming, many of us will be feeling the usual pressures of present-buying and entertaining. December can be a hectic month, leaving you longing for a break away from the holiday madness.

Whether you fancy a break from the single digit temperatures, or want to embrace the colder climes, there are lots of beautiful places to explore.

Here are our recommendations for where to visit this December:


With a rich cultural heritage, Austria offers a wealth of art, history and natural beauty to satisfy all appetites. Our Christmas Markets and Music on the Danube tour will transport you to a winter wonderland. You’ll travel from Vienna to Bratislava and Budapest, taking part in some of the most magical Christmas activities available. Enjoy a private Schubert concert, visits to the houses of Strauss and Beethoven, and Christmas markets filled with decorations, presents and local delicacies.


If you’re keen to embrace the winter weather, there is no better place than Norway. Chase the Northern Lights on one of our spectacular winter cruises, whilst taking in Norway’s culture and beauty. December is the perfect time to visit the North Cape, Continental Europe’s most northerly point the seasonal conditions will likely call to mind the journeys taken by famous Arctic explorers. People with adventurous spirits can join a husky ride, which will almost certainly bring a little Christmas magic to your trip.


Visiting China in the winter is an unparalleled experience. The city of Beijing transforms as the temperatures cool, its streets empty and snow starts to dust the ground. Sometimes considered the “off season” for tourism in China, this is the perfect time for history enthusiasts to explore the many sights and museums of the country’s capital. Although much of the countryside will be harder to explore as freezing temperatures hit, the spectacular landscape continues to be a draw in December with the snow-covered Great Wall being particularly breath-taking.  


Morocco’s popularity has been on the rise, and while it may not be the ideal winter -sun destination, there are many benefits to travelling here in the cooler months. This is the ideal option for those looking for a more temperate option, warm in the day and chilly at night. Morocco offers enchanting palaces and buzzing souks, as well as the snow-topped Atlas Mountains.  

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