Best places to travel for food holidays

"The travel experts at Jules Verne have pulled together this list of some of our favourite destinations and tours for those wishing to try some of the best produce the world has to offer."

September 2017 • Jules Verne

Best places to travel for food holidays

For many people one of the main highlights of travelling is trying new flavours and dishes. However, with a whole world of culinary experiences available to you, making a choice can seem impossible. Therefore, the travel experts at Jules Verne have pulled together this list of some of our favourite destinations and tours for those wishing to try some of the best produce the world has to offer. Showcasing tours that provide unique culinary experiences, and countries renowned for the quality of their food, read on to be inspired to travel to some of the most mouth-watering destinations in the world.


It’s no secret that Indian food is one of the UK’s favourite cuisines. Any tour of the Indian subcontinent however will open your senses to a riot of colour, smells and flavours that you wouldn’t be able to find at home. Alongside the rice and curries we may be more used to, India is known for incredible fresh produce, vibrant spice combinations and the use of cooking techniques unfamiliar in the West. India is home to a culinary history stretching back over 8,000 years, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the complexity and variety of food available is so rich.

Across India you will find ways to revel in the drama and flavour of food, whether you grab a bit to eat on the streets of a bustling city, enjoy a leisurely meal of fresh seafood on the southern coast, or duck into one of India’s many thriving local restaurants.

Suggested Tour: You can experience the majesty, drama and richness of Indian food on our Rajasthan Royals tour. Stay and dine in historic hotels such as the Rambagh Palace, the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur.


Croatia may not be a destination that you immediately associate with food, but it should be. Its proximity to Italy has meant that there is a distinctive Venetian flavour to many local dishes, but influences from other neighbouring countries, particularly Turkish and Hungarian flavours, also have left their mark. Fresh Mediterranean produce is of course the star of the show; colourful vegetables, verdant herbs, and fish straight from the seas.

As you travel across the region you will undoubtedly notice the quality of the products created here. The local cheeses, charcuterie, wine and pasta, all hum with the vitality and flavours that you will come to expect. The wine, in particular, is growing in popularity outside of the country with good reason – the clarity of flavour and terroir is particularly impressive.

Suggested Tour: On our Coasts, Lakes and Capitals tour you can travel through Slovenia and Croatia and sample the delicious produce and dishes available. You will also enjoy a tour of olive groves, taking the chance to taste the olive oil, accompanied by locally produced prosciutto, cheese and wine.


Italy is home to some of the world’s most beloved dishes and products; from the pizzas of Naples to the gelato of Florence, from the balsamic vinegar of Modena to the famous Parma ham. Sometimes Sardinia is forgotten when it comes to the richness of Italian cuisine, however, true foodies will relish a chance to enjoy the amazing dishes available on the island.

Sardinia’s rich and at times turbulent history has left its mark on the local cuisine, with different influences cropping up in the many delicious dishes available. As you would expect, the location is also a major influence; the fresh sea food available, as well as the sheep that graze its luscious verdant hillsides, and the sea air giving a distinctive salty twang to the native pecorino cheese.

Suggested Tour: Follow in D H Lawrence’s footsteps on our Sea and Sardinia tour and try many of the traditional dishes that the famous author might have tasted on his travels. Enjoy a shepherd’s lunch with local cheeses, meats and the classic Sardinian roast suckling pig. 

North Cyprus

Dining in North Cyprus is a unique experience; closely related to both Greek and Turkish styles, the influences of French, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines are also palpable. The best known of Cyprus’ edible exports is, of course, the brined Halloumi cheese, but on arrival on the island you will find a plentiful array of cheeses and fresh fruits and vegetables are served at the island’s numerous cafes and restaurants.

One of the region’s favourite dishes is souvlaki; meats grilled on skewers over charcoal fires. The most popular are pork or chicken, but cheese or mushrooms are also served. The skewers are served in pitta or flatbread, with a punchy salad of tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage flavoured with raw onion and parsley.

Suggested Tour: On our Kyrenia, North Cyprus tour you will be able to enjoy some of the delightful local favourites in some truly unique locations. The itinerary includes a lunch at Kyrenia Harbour, a special dinner at Bellapais Abbey and a lunch by the beach at Salamis. 


Food from Indochina is becoming increasingly popular in the West, and with good reason; with its lively flavours and reliance of fresh produce, simply prepared, many of the dishes are both healthy and delicious. Alongside some of the more typical dishes that have made their way to our shores, like Pad Thai and Pho, there are many delectable salads, stir fries and sauces that sing with local flavour.

Although the use of coriander, chili, lime juice and peanuts, as well as rice and noodles unify the cuisines of the region, there are many differences to be discovered as you travel around the area. Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam all have highly regional cuisines and you will taste differences in every town and city. One of the biggest delights for foodies travelling to the area will be the colourful markets and stalls, which clutter the sidewalks of cities and towns alike.

Suggested Tour: While cruising along the Mekong on our Mekong Explorer tour, you will be able to enjoy a cooking demonstration that will give you an insight into how your favourite dishes are made. You will also visit many markets and restaurants as you wind your way along the mighty Mekong river.

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