Myanmar Meanderings with Pandaw Cruises

Embark on a far eastern adventure along the Irrawaddy or Mekong river

October 2013 • Jules Verne

Myanmar Meanderings with Pandaw Cruises

It is no surprise to the intrepid traveller that Burma (Myanmar) is becoming the must-see destination on many a wish list. This little-visited country, the largest in South-East Asia, offers an untouched treasure trove of exotic pagodas and temples. Undoubtedly best explored from its largest river, the tea-coloured Irrawaddy winds meaningfully through the country from north to south before emptying gracefully into the Andaman Sea; and it is from this waterway that the pioneering flotilla company, which was revived by Pandaw Cruises in 1995, originally took its name.

Pandaw Vessel
Hand finished in brass and teak, and decorated in rich colonial style exuding a casual elegance, Pandaw's fleet of intimate vessels enable visits to Burma's main sites in comfort. To retreat to your vessel after a long day traversing the pagoda-peppered plains and riverine towns of this 'Golden Land', relaxing on your private deck space or indulging in fine dining against a scenic backdrop, provides the very best revitalisation. This method of travel also offers insight into the lives of the river people and those of remote villages on its banks, encapsulating not only the sights of the country, but the essence of Burma itself.

A Pandaw Vessel

Whether embarking on the all-encompassing 14-night cruise that ventures into the remote north; or grabbing a glimpse of Burmese culture and history on the new 7-night cruise, the spectacular Irrawaddy ventures deep into the interior of this little developed county. A unique opportunity to explore pristine eco-environments and the vestiges of lost civilisations - unreachable by anything other than a river boat.

From Bagan to Mandalay

The Golden Land

Along the Irrawaddy

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