Discover Oman

Oman is a corner of Arabia, quite off the beaten track with a colourful charm and a deep heritage. Explore the majestic mountains, palm-shaded paradises and the charming coastal capital of Muscat. This is a beautiful country shrouded in myth and legend just waiting to be explored.

Blessed with outstanding rare natural beauty, Oman boasts a pristine and extensive coastline, the majestic Hajar Mountains and vast swathes of desert interspersed with wadis with lush vegetation, all under a blanket of Arabian stars.

The charming coastal capital Muscat has a colourful history dating back to 2500 BC and features modern hotels, ancient souks, cosmopolitan malls and resplendent mosques. Beyond Muscat, antiquity and tradition can be observed in ancient trading towns built around oases replete with forts and souks.

We rarely indulge in typical holiday activities but the beaches of Oman are irresistible. Salalah is both a city and leisure resort set amongst coconut groves and banana plantations with stunning sandy beaches – a little rest and relaxation may be just what you need after a day’s exploring. If you prefer to stay active, an expedition across the dunes of the Wahiba Sands is sure to satisfy your quest for adventure.


Weather & Climate

Because Oman is so large and the terrain diverse, the climatic conditions are as varied as the geography. From May to August, it is very hot and humid at the coastal areas, while the interior generally remains hot and dry.

When to go

The most popular time to visit is from October to April when the weather is warm and sunny and temperatures range from a very pleasant 25°C to around 35°C during the day.



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