Tours to Togo

For those seeking to get off-the-beaten-track, then Togo in West Africa is the perfect spot. Despite being relatively un-visited, Togo offers an impressive range of landscapes, catering to everyone. Consisting on 40 tribes, the melting pot of cultures makes this is an ethnically diverse country, with plenty of history to discover .

Togo is divided into five regions which, from south to north are known as Maritime, Plateaux, Centrale, Kara and Savanes. The capital and port city, Lomé, is in the Maritime region and is a  hub of tourism with markets, famous for traditional voodoo.

Koutammakou, a UNESCO heritage site, refers to a traditional settlement that spreads through the Tamberma Valley. Home to a unique collection of fortress-like mud houses, this area was founded in the 17th century by people fleeing the threats of slavery from neighbouring Benin.


Weather & Climate

Togo is typically tropical in climate, although the Northernmost regions tend to have a drier climate.

When to go

The best time to visit Togo is from November to February, these are the driest and sunniest months.