Explore Senegal

The sprawling country of Senegal hugs the coast of West Africa. Its vast beaches spread with soft sands are bathed in year-round sun. As you travel between the vibrant modern city of Dakar, with its colonial roots and modern ambience, you can relax on Saloum Delta River Cruises and drift around the islands off its coast, each boasting their own distinctive laid-back atmosphere. You can also wander along the many beautiful beaches of Senegal and while taking in the crashing waves and golden sand, you will experience the true nature of Western Africa.

Senegal and Saloum Delta River Cruises have been a firm holiday favourite with the French for years, but are gaining popularity amongst English speaking travellers, and with good reason. Showcasing its plentiful wildlife, amazing plethora of birds, stunning landscapes and fascinating history, the West Coast of Africa has something to offer everyone with Senegal & Gambia River Cruises. Vibrant cultures of music, dance and delicious local food rounds off the experience.

Exploring the Roots of West Africa will visit the capital, Dakar. Here you can explore the ancient Medina, which has retained its distinctly African flavour. Discover the areas surrounding the Grand Mosque and the Soumbédioune Market, where the tightly packed shops and market stalls are available for you to browse for souvenirs and gifts. Choose between handcrafted wooden masks, locally produced paintings, traditional jewellery, bright batik prints and more. 

The sheer number of birds who call the West Coast of Africa their home is astounding. Senegal is a twitcher’s dream; it is home to over 600 bird species, many of them protected in beautiful conservation areas. However, even in the cities, towns and beaches you will be serenaded by the songs of the many birds that make every corner of this fertile country their home.

As you explore this fascinating country, it is impossible to ignore the effects that colonialism and the slave trade have had on Senegal. This thriving, vibrant nation still bears the scars of this inhumane practice, and you can visit museums and buildings around the country that have recorded the history of the slave trade.


Weather & Climate

Senegal benefits from a warm and tropical climate, which sees temperatures hovering from warm to extremely hot throughout the year.

When to go

The dry season runs from December through to April with cool trade winds (called harmattan winds) in coastal areas, and this is generally the best time to visit.