Visa Service and Passport Information for VJV Travellers

The following information applies to holders of British Citizen passports who are resident in the UK. If you are not a British Citizen or are resident outside the UK, then you should take specific advice as to what visa requirements apply to your travel and ensure that you obtain the required visas and authorisations. You can contact the Visa Service as below for advice. 

For all information on visa requirements relating to your VJV tour, please click on this link to the dedicated VJV portal maintained by CIBT who are our recommended supplier of visa processing services for our travellers. You can also contact this Visa Service for advice or information by telephone on 020 7593 6286. You will be dealing directly with CIBT for your visa applications and you will be responsible for informing them of all relevant details, amendments or cancellations for yourself and your party relating to your visa arrangements. VJV will not be liable for any costs that you incur relating to visa applications.

If you have booked a VJV tour then we will automatically send you a VJV CIBT visa application pack approximately two months before your departure (this may vary according to tour or destination). You may contact CIBT directly for an application to be sent to you (but not earlier than 3 months prior to the departure date as the visa information may change at short notice). A pre-requisite of any visa application is that you should be in possession of a full 5 or 10-year passport, the validity of which should, in most cases, be at least six months beyond your date of exit from your final country of destination.

In any case, it is your responsibility to ensure that you travel with the correct documentation to enter the countries included in your itinerary.

When returning the completed forms and necessary documentation for visa applications please ensure that they are sent to the address given in the visa pack and they are in just one envelope. Please do not include any other documentation (such as balance of payment) that is not directly relevant to the visas as the visa processing is managed from a different location to the main Voyages Jules Verne offices.

All visa applications submitted to the Visa Service should indicate the tour name and departure date that passengers are booked on. However, please do not return visa application forms until you have all necessary information, particularly if you are waiting for a new passport. In any event all details should be with the Visa Service at least six weeks prior to departure unless otherwise indicated in your visa pack.