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The Tale of the Tiger

Travelling from the Taj Mahal to Ranthambore, Rajasthan's famous tiger reserve

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Ranthambore is the quintessential Rajasthan wildlife park. Dominated by a 1,000 year-old fort, the landscape is dotted with cupolas, temples and memorial stones all bearing witness to a varied and fascinating history. The mighty Mughal Emperor Akbar fought a battle here for control of the fort but today the tiger rules the thick forest gorges that surround it. This magnificent feline, the national symbol of India, is represented in art, literature and folklore.

Tales abound of the tiger’s prowess, elegance and glowing amber eyes. To hunt the tiger was against tribal beliefs but as hunting for sport became big business, to bag a tiger was considered the greatest challenge. With the invention of firearms, the odds were stacked in favour of man and the tiger population was reduced at a time when this was considered normal practice (even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were photographed here with a dead tiger). Almost too late, India realised the very existence of the tiger was in jeopardy and with numbers becoming perilously low, government intervention was needed to curtail hunters and poachers alike. The tiger is still an endangered species but here the visitor has a good chance to glimpse this elusive beast in the wild. In order to protect the tigers further, there are moves to restrict access and raise prices for the National Parks, so a visit sooner rather than later is recommended.

Due to topography and vegetation and the determination to find a tiger, game drives differ from those in Africa. However, they provide a rewarding and uniquely Indian experience.

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