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Russia Holidays

Our Russia holidays uncover the country’s cultural, artistic and historical heritage. 'Russia cannot be understood by the intellect, nor can it be measured by the common measure; it has its own particular form, you can only have faith in Russia'. There is no doubt that these words, in which the 19th-century poet Tyutchev described his native land so concisely and so accurately, will always ring true.

Holidays to Russia with Voyages Jules Verne

Moscow, the city most commonly visited by travellers, is home to a blend of historical and contemporary sights. A visit to Kremlin illustrates the city’s architectural engineering, setting the scene for the rest the country. Explore the less-visited city of St. Petersburg, described as Russia’s ‘Window to the West’. Influenced by Italian and French architects in the 18th century, grand houses and palaces peak in the city skyline. St. Petersburg’s suburban parks and museums will make you appreciate the unique rural and urban beauty of the city. First time travellers can now make the most of our Highlights of Russia holiday giving you the opportunity to take shorter and affordable trips to featured sites of each destination.

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Russia Guide

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Russia Revealed

Russia Revealed

Cruising the quiet rivers, lakes and canals linking St. Petersburg and Moscow. **SPECIAL OFFER**
10 nights from £1645

The Hermitage

Treasures of the Hermitage

Discovering the artistic, cultural and historical heritage of St. Petersburg.
4 nights from £725


Moscow, Kremlin

Russian Capitals

Visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow, linked by the high-speed ‘Sapsan’ train.
7 nights from £1095

The Private Train on Lake Baikal

The Central Kingdom Express

By private train on the Trans-Siberian railway between Moscow and Beijing.
15 nights from £5195


St Anne's and Bernardine's Church, Vilnius

Grand Tour of the Baltics

An extraordinary journey through five countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.
17 nights from £2445