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Europe Holidays

Europe has long been a centre of great cultural and economic achievement. The ancient Greeks and Romans produced major civilisations, famous for their contributions to philosophy, literature, fine art, and government while the Renaissance, which began in the 14th century, was also a period of great accomplishment for European artists and architects.

Cultural holidays to Europe

Our escorted tours in Europe uncover the continent's fascinating history, heritage and culture; exploring the ancient cities of Western Europe from Athens through to Rome and the less-visited areas of Eastern Europe including the historic land of Moldavia.

Architectural gems of the Classical, Medieval, Baroque and Italian Renaissance periods are explored on our Italy tours and art enthusiasts will particularly enjoy our Secret Italy tour which includes wine tasting at the home of a private art collector. Our Portugal tours combine charming historic accommodations, river cruises and historic centres, whilst our tours of Russia explore the historic Golden Ring, and the treasures of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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