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Egypt Tours

Travellers on Egypt tours have been attracted from far and wide for many centuries by its mystical and timeless appeal.

Our comprehensive collection of Egypt tours capture the fascinating sights from the Pharaohs, on the banks of the Nile at Luxor to the Great Pyramids in Cairo, the only surviving monument of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’. This is a land of great contrast, where ancient and modern life exists side by side.

Historic tours to Egypt

For those that wish to experience the ancient wonders of Egypt in comfort on a luxury Nile cruise we offer a ‘Royal Invitation’ to sail on the SS Misr, the ‘most luxurious steamship on the Nile’.

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Egypt Tours Guide

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The SS MISR - Egypt Tours

A Royal Steamer Restored

A ‘Royal Invitation’ to sail on the ‘most luxurious steamship on the Nile’ **EARLY BOOKING OFFER**
7 nights from £1695

Luxor - Egypt Tours

The Gift of the Nile

From Thebes to Nubia, exceptional value for a 5-star cruise to the Pharaonic temples & tombs. **EARLY BOOKING OFFER**
7 nights from £795



Aspects of Aswan

Enjoy the views and heritage, staying at the historic Old Cataract or on Elephantine Island
7 nights from £895

Sphinx & the Pyramids - Egypt Tours

Treasures of the Nile

Combining the Pyramids with a full week’s Nile cruise.
10 nights from £1245


Beni Hassan

The Original Nile Cruise

Re-launching the long cruise from Cairo to Luxor visiting rarely explored sites.
10 nights from £1745


The 600-Mile Nile

The ‘full Nile cruise’ from Aswan and Nubia to Cairo and the Pyramids, with the option of Abu Simbel.
12 nights from £1795