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Access keys used

On Windows access keys can be used by pressing the Alt key + an access key as defined below, then press enter.

On Macintosh access keys can be used by pressing the Control key + an access key.

All pages on this site uses the following access keys:

  • Key 1: Home Page
  • Key 2: Jump to content of page
  • Key 3: Jump to navigation
  • Key 4: Search
  • Key 7: Site Map
  • Key 8: Terms & Conditions
  • Key 9: Contact
  • Key 0: Accessibility

Kuoni is committed to providing information that is accessible by all users. This website has been built to comply with guidelines laid out by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), conforming to all Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints, and many Priority 3.

If you have any suggestions which will help to improve your experience of this site, we would be very grateful to hear from you. Please contact us at